Motorsport Industry Re-opening

With more news last week from the Government relaxing some of the lockdown restrictions we have been excited to see some of the industries we support and work closely with being able to go back to work.

We know it will probably be quite a while until industries, such as events will be back up and running and even the motorsport industry is not going to be ‘back to normal' any time soon. With that in mind, Motorsport UK has drawn up guidance to event organisers, officials and competitors to what measures will need to be in place to enable the resumption of motorsport.

Obviously the guidance is subject to change and there's no precise dates or timeframes that have been applied to these measures, but there is an emphasis on social distancing and increased use of online methods to handle many aspects of people attending the events. Some of those guidelines include - "All competitors, officials and members of the media will need to sign a pre-event declaration to state that they have not suffered COVID-19 symptoms within the two weeks preceding the event."

It is good to see that companies like Mclaren and Caterham are able to head back to work and even better that we are already hearing from them to place orders, this case recently being to shipped to Mclaren.

This is doubly good news for us as we have our Hot Desk at Silverstone Innovation Centre, and it's been good to hear from some of the companies that arrived back there on Monday. We have no plans to visit our Hot Desk or our customers at Silverstone, as of yet, but we look forward to the point that we can reacquaint ourselves there.



Posted by: Steve on June 3rd, 2020 @ 4:08 PM

PPE Storage Solutions

After being back for a short while and ensuring our team were able to adhere to the guidelines laid out by the Government who have allowed factories & warehouses to reopen, we've discovered even more of an importance for PPE.

We, like others use PPE as laid down by Health & Safety in our everyday work life. With the pandemic the need for PPE increased not just in our environment but in many others, where you might not have seen PPE before. To ensure we're all keeping to these guidelines to stay safe; it is a next step up and it involves a lot more thinking.

Re-opening meant that our team needed a supply of PPE that they could use throughout the day and feel confident that we could supply them with all that they needed so we started a trial period of these new to the market PPE Storage Solutions.

These have been successfully completed in house and with a few local factories. After receiving such positive feedback we're ready to present them in the marketplace, which has come at the right time for our clients, as under the Government's guidelines of factories and warehouses being allowed to re- open.

PPE Storage Solution Benefits -
* Self containment for each team member reducing cross contamination
* Everything you require to work safely and under all the guidelines within the workplace can be stored in this case
* Transportable around office, factory and warehouse
* Cleans easy with disinfectant 
* Different storage compartments to keep items separate and easier to keep clean 
* Hard wearing as standard for all our products

For more information on the porducts CLICK HERE or get in touch with us on or 01827 60009



Posted by: Steve on May 27th, 2020 @ 09:27 AM
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Our 'New Normal'

Everyone is talking about the "new normal" and for us we're adopting a new normal too.

After making the decision to temporarily shut down in March, to ensure our staff and clients were kept safe during this very strange time, we have recently re-opened with the Government announcements of it being safe to do so for factories and warehouses.

The safety of our staff has, and always will be our top priority, so we have of course, paid a lot of attention to the guidelines involved in opening, so we have -

A skeleton team in place that are designing and building all our bespoke flight cases and Warehouse staff to pick and ship all ‘Off the shelf' products. With a skeleton team we can ensure we adhere to social distancing rules within the factory and warehouse.

Skeleton sales team to take calls, answer emails, carry out quotes and orders, again this is so we can adhere to social distancing within the office.

Our dispatch process is now getting back to normal with off the shelf products available for next day delivery.

Our team have their own PPE workstations and equipment to use in and around the building to ensure their safety.

We don't know how long it will be until things are "back to normal" however, being open and being able to offer our clients and new clients support and service at this is time is something we're very keen to move forward.

Get in touch for quotes & orders on or 01827 60009


Posted by: Jase on the case on May 22nd, 2020 @ 3:43 PM

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